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20, Jun , 2018

Effective Method to Override Empty HP Ink Cartridges

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When you refill your HP printer ink cartridge, then you need to rest your cartridge also as it is the important part to run the cartridge perfectly. Every HP color cartridge comprises a chip that interconnects with the printer. Once the ink level becomes low in the printer’s cartridge, the chip would indicate the printer to show a low ink warning. This warning would also appear once you refill the cartridge. Here the resetting process of the chip would take about two to five minutes. This is the manual reset that is the combination of the refill used in the cartridges. It can save your money and the aggravation as well that you printer having constant warning of low level. In order to reset your printer’s cartridge you can take help from the experts of technical support team through our HP support number that is offered to deliver the immediate help and guidance on the customer’s desk.

Check out the steps given below in order to override the empty HP ink cartridge-

  • First of all you need to put tape over “Contact” then locate the cartridge back into the printer with the tape that is still seated onto the cartridge.
  • Now, your printer would show an error message, where you have to start by clicking “OK” option. It will then print an alignment page. Further you have to continue the next step, after the process has finished.
  • Once your printer has completed the process of shutting down the alignment page, launch the cover and then remove the cartridge and locate a piece of tape over.
  • Now, place the cartridge back into the printer and again the printer would show an error message. Here, you have to click “OK” and then it would print off another alignment page. Once this page has been printed, you have to remove the cartridge back into the printer. Here, check if the ink level is full or not.
  • In any case, if the above process does not help you, ensure that no adhesive was left seated on the contracts on the cartridge. Any residue like protection tape, glue etc. would prevent your printer to work perfectly and properly that may cause a problem in recognizing the printer at all.

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