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30, Jun , 2018

How to Fix Sound and Audio Problems on HP Computer?

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The blog will help you to resolve the sound and audio related problems on your HP computer in complete detailing and information. Though HP is known to deliver the best and flawless performance through its devices across the globe, no one can deny the fact that every computing device is prone to some sorts of technical problems. Hence, there are some technical issues that could appear or halt your work such as installation issues, update error, sound and audio problems and more. Sound and audio problems are the most common problems that can create trouble with your computer, therefore we are right here available at HP Computer Tech Support Number to help you with the most effective and reliable solutions over a call.

Most of the users complained that there is no sound coming from the internal or external speakers. There are various several hardware and software problems that can cause audio and sound issues on your computer. Here are the steps that will help you to troubleshoot and resolve the problems, but before start the troubleshooting steps, you have to disconnect all the possible external sound devices like USB cables, digital audio, external speakers, earphones etc. Once you complete the disconnection of connected devices, you can perform the further steps mentioned below-

Try to Perform a Sound Test:

In order to perform or attempt a sound test, follow the steps given below-

  • In the taskbar, you need to double-click the sound icon, bar, and further choose “Mixer” to show controls for all of the sound applications.
  • Now, hit “Start”, “Control Panel” and then choose “Hardware and Sound”. Once you complete the procedure, choose “Sound”
  • At last, under the program, choose an option that has a sound icon next to it, for instance Asterisk. Further, hit “Test”, now check if the sound is audible through the computer speaker.

Check the Volume and Mute Settings:

If the sound is not audible then it might be possible that the sound control is turned off or it is set to mute. There are individual applications and separate sound controls for the hardware devices as well as for the application. If all such sources are muted or turned down then, you will not hear any sound. Here, you shall launch the sound volume mixer and further check the different settings. Therefore check the volume and mute settings with the following steps. Here, you can also connect with experts over a call via Hp Computer Help Number.

  • First of all you have to click the sound icon in the taskbar and choose “Mixer”.
  • In case the sound icon does not display on the taskbar, the audio drivers might need to be updated. For this, go to the manufacturer website in order to place the audio driver for your computer.
  • Further, ensure the volume of the device and check if it is not set to mute. The icon located at the bottom of the volume control displays the no symbol one a device is muted. Now, you shall click the icon to the volume for the device in question is not set to mute. The icon at the bottom of the volume control displays the universal no clasp between mute and sound.

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