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12, Mar , 2019

How to quickly resolve HP Printer Scanner Error 13?

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HP Printers are the best devices to print web pages freely without a hassle. But different types of errors keep repeating themselves due to various functionality issues. One such common error is HP Printer Scanner error code 13. It occurs mainly when there is a paper jam issue and the problem can be resolved easily with quick fix troubleshooting. This article will highlight the steps that will help you fix the HP printer scanner error and contact the support team for expert assistance.

Troubleshooting the HP Printer Error 13

  1. The instructions given below will sure sort eliminate the HP Printer Error 13. Make sure that the followed with precision to get the accurate results.
  • Check the paper. The first stage is to check the entire path for finding the stuck piece of paper.
  • Remove the Paper Tray 2. Have you tried the previous step? Remove your paper tray and toner cartridge for safety.
  • Verify paper width sensor moving. The user should locate a paper width sensor and ensure that it is moving freely or not.
  • Check pre-feed sensor flag moving. Now if the paper feed assembly has removed, then carefully then check whether the pre-feed sensor flag (PS102) is moving correctly. Go to the top of the page sensor and verify the sensor arms movement.
  • Check Fuser Sensor and Jam. Locate the fuse sensor and check the paper jam carefully for the possible paper scarp stuck.
  • Replace the DC controller PCA. Try replacing the DC controller PCA. Is the error coming frequently? Proceed to the next step.
  • Put the cartridge and paper tray. Put a piece of cardboard having the width of a piece of paper. If the cardboard is exiting from the top cavity then stop it. Slowly remove the cardboard from the bottom cavity of the printer and put the paper tray back in the printer. Restart your device after all the steps.

You surely need help from the HP Printer support experts if the error still exists. The HP support team is a trained bunch of professionals always ready to assist the clients to the fullest. The suggestions provided by the experts always prove handy in the fight against tough HP Printer errors.


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