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11, Feb , 2019

How to tackle the HP Accelerometer Error in Windows 10?

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Are you an HP laptop or desktop user? Frustrated with the continuous HP Accelerometer error on the Windows 10 system? Don’t worry as this is a minor problem related to some drivers. You can discuss the issue with HP technical experts over the helpline number +1-855-461-5433 for quick-fix solutions.

Are you new with the term? HP accelerometer is a built-in driver for HP devices that works as add-on protection for the HDD (Hard Disk Driver). It detects any type of motion and in case of high-speed movement or shocks it stops & parks the HDD to disengage the read head of the drive. Without accelerometer, the HDD may not park correctly and damage the drive.

HP Accelerometer Error on Windows 10 1709 is displayed mainly when there is a new update. The error indicates that a driver not working properly. It can be anything, either a file corruption or an outdated driver. So, troubleshooting solutions will mainly focus on resolving these particular aspects.

Troubleshooting the HP Accelerometer Error on Windows 10

Windows Update

Check the Windows updates first to fix the error with your HP device. Here are the steps to update Windows 10 on your HP device –

• Open the computer and type ‘Settings’.
• Choose ‘Update & Security’ in the System Settings of your computer.
• In the left panel, you can see Windows Update where you can check for any updates waiting for the confirmation.
• Apply all the updates as needed and then restart the device. The update might take some time as the updates are working.

Drivers Update

Here are the steps for drivers update –

• On your HP system, press the Windows icon or simply press the windows start icon.
• On the search bar type ‘Device Manager’.
• Now find HP 3D DriveGuard driver from the menu of ‘Device Manager’.
• Right-click on the option and then choose update from the drop-down menu.
• As the update is finished, restart the device it to apply.

Reinstall the Corrupted Driver

Here are the steps for re-installation of the corrupted driver –

• Right-click the windows start icon and scroll down the menu for accessing the ‘Device Manager’.
• Find the HP 3D DriveGuard driver and right-click on it. Choose it for uninstalling.
• Restart the device once that is done.
• Now download the latest HP 3D DriveGuard driver. Install it through on-screen prompts on the monitor.

Are you able to fix the error? The correct implementation of the steps will ensure HP Accelerometer working actively. For more information and details contact the HP technical experts. If there is any other issue with the system that you are unfamiliar, it will be the best available option for you for a quick fix. Discuss the problem with the HP technical professionals and get it resolved remotely without any hassle.


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