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26, Jun , 2018

How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Separation Pad Problems?

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The error is when users are trying to feed more than a page at once. Hence, to ignore any technical errors, this is very essential to change your printer separation pad.  To fix HP printer separation pad errors, you should need expert help immediately. On the other hand, users will discover a repeated page feed problem which will specify that the printer separation pad is damaged. Here, we are describing some important steps to fix HP printer separation pad errors given below:-
 Need to replace the separation pad of your printing device

  • Disconnect the power cord to cool down your printing device.
  • Take out all your input trays and find out for a blue separation pad. Eliminate it from spring-loaded base.  Next step is to insert a flat edged screwdriver within slot under the separation pad.
  • Approach at its opening and push upward the spring load base down. Draw forcefully all separation pads with help of another hand and make a firm position innovative separation pad in the slot. Seek for input tray opening. Lengthen these spring loaded base and eliminate both sides of your separation pad into its right place.
  • Reinsert input trays, print cartridge and pickup roller. Plug into HP Printer to turn on the device. Still if you are facing HP printer separation pad error, you must call at toll free
    HP support phone number
    1-855-461-5433 for immediate solutions.

 Must Replace the Pickup Roller

  • Disconnect the power cord from the device to cool down.
  • Open print cartridge and eliminate the print cartridge. Find for a pickup roller and release both tinny and white tabs on every sides of the pickup roller. Give thrust both of them away from roller and rotate if to pick up toward front.
  • Take out the roller from the machine to position a new pickup roller into slot.
  • Rotate into the correct position till the white tabs will display precisely.
  • Install print cartridges again and close its door.
  • Plug into the printer machine to switch it on again.

Clear out the printer pickup roller

  • Take a small piece of cloth and damp down it to scrub the roller softly.
  • Wipe out pick up roller to eliminate simply dirt.
  • Now, permit the pickup roller to let it dry before you begin to install it. Still above methods are not sufficient, you should call at toll free HP technical support number 1-855-461-5433 to get instant solutions from experts.


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