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25, Mar , 2019

HP Printer Error Code 49 – Quick Fix Troubleshooting

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HP Printers are the best performing devices in all scenarios. It is making the everyday work of individuals as well as organizations easier and convenient. HP is a top brand with huge benefits and unique features, but there can be instances when the user might confront different types of error codes. HP Printer Error Code 49 is one such common error code that might halt the printer work for some time till the error is removed. Contact HP Printer technical support to know more in details about the causes of the error code and its solution.

The HP error code 49 is a communication error code that can be cleared with a reboot or more permanent errors that actually requires hardware replacement. Whenever there is an error with the HP Printer, the first thing that needs to be done is to turn off the printer and unplug the printer from the network. Then reboot the printer and then reconnect the network. Now try printing again. There are also situations when the user can face different technical errors and it is advisable to contact the Hp technical support team for instant solutions.

Here are steps to eliminate HP Printer Error Code 49 –

  1. A mismatch or corrupt driver can cause 49 error. Faulty drivers send bad data to the printer and trigger the error 49. Download and replace with a different driver. PCL5 drivers and PostScript drivers (not PCL5) are recommended for it.
  • The error 49 also gets triggered with a faulty JetDirect network. Connect to the printer via an alternate connection to test the JetDirect network card. Replace the card if needed. Also, replace the entire formatter assembly if the modern LaserJet printer doesn’t use JetDirect cards.
  • A failing accessory or memory chip installed in the formatter can also cause the error. If any of the items are suspected, then try removing the accessories or memory chips one at a time and rebooting to see if anything improves with a certain accessory or memory chip missing.
  • A failing formatter can also cause 49 error. There are models that are notorious for formatter failures. The best solution will be to replace the Formatter HP LaserJet.

Still stuck with HP Error Code 49? Dial HP printer support phone number for instant assistance and help. The technical experts provide quick troubleshooting over the helpline number. Do not waste any further time if it has been a day or two with the problem. Contact the HP technical experts for quick help and assistance.


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