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Refund Policy

We admire the privacy, security and safety of user-data and our prime goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction. As a customer if you find our services to be disappointing then you’ll opt for the service at intervals of 15 days after you have opted for the service. If you want to cancel our services then we will provide the smooth process for it such as some request form.  Once you submit the form if your request is processed with success then you may get an authorization email regarding the conclusion of service.



Whenever the customer fined our service unsatisfactory or disappointing, then they can file for a refund. If we have a capability to square measure unable to fix the issue or problem they will for file for the fund. If the support team is ready to resolve any of the problems or queries then the customer isn’t eligible for a refund.



At first, the client has to mention the reason for the cancellation of service.

As you follow the straightforward steps of cancellation type, you’ll terminate the service at any point in time.

If you feel you want to continue the service, you can cancel the request anytime by calling on our toll-free number.

The method of cancellation is going to be initiated on a successive day once the request for cancellation of service is created.

To maintain complete customer satisfaction, the customer service personnel will look into the complaint lodged by the customer in detail and then take necessary actions.

Our aim to provide the best support to our customer. Just in case they fail to satisfy the client with their services then the then the customers are entitled to claim for refund. They’ll terminate the service at intervals 15 days since once they had opted for the service. It should be noted that deduction of service charges, registration charges and different such charges can occur in this case. However the customer has the freedom to terminate the service whenever they need to try to this.


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