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22, Jun , 2018

Steps to Connect an HP Desktop to a Wireless System

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HP is one of the brands that produce a full line of desktop computers that are designed for business, and most of them can be easily connected to wire a router or can be switched on the local network. Nevertheless, most of the HP computers do not support Wi-Fi adapters for connecting to wireless router or network. Therefore, if you want to connect your HP computer to the office wireless router or in any other workplace, you must have to install a network adapter and configure it for your Wi-Fi network. Moreover, here you can also take help from the experts via HP Computer Tech Support Number to know the most effectual steps to the same.

Furthermore, you can perform the steps mentioned below-

USB Wireless Adapter

  • First of all, you need to turn on the HP computer and then log in to the Windows.
  • Now, you have to insert the mini-plug end of the USB cable into the USB network adapter, and then connect the other end to the computer. In case your computer system has USB ports in the front of the case, then you have to plug the USB cable for the network adapter into one of those, because, you might get a better wireless signal.
  • Next, if Windows prompted, then you have to insert the driver disc for the USB wireless adapter into the CD or DVD drive of the HP computer. Usually, for most of the wireless USB adapters, Windows does not require third-party drivers as it has the needed software built into the operating system. Now, Windows will configure the wireless adapter for use once a few seconds of installing the built-in driver or the one from the installation disc. Here, a wireless network icon will appear in the taskbar, just next to the clock.
  • Further, right-click the wireless network icon on the taskbar and then click “Open Network and Sharing Center.” Now, in the “Network” and “Sharing Center” window, you have to click “Set up a New Connection or Network, Connect to the Internet, Next as well as Wireless.”
  • Choose the SSID, or wireless network name, for your router in the list of available connections. In case the router name does not appear in the list, restart the wireless router and the HP desktop computer. Once you restart the computer and refresh the computer, the SSID of your router will appear in the available connections list. Here, you have to choose your network and then click “Connect”.
  • Now, if you are prompted, enter the security key or password for the wireless network connection if prompted.
  • Eventually, you need to click “Connect.” Once, Windows displays a message ensuring about the connection to the wireless router was successful, and then you have to open the preferred Web browser and accesses the Internet normally by using the new wireless connection.

Other than this, you can also install a PCI wireless adapter in order to connect your HP Desktop to a Wireless System. Moreover, you can also contact our support service over a call at HP Computer Setup Help Phone Number +1-855-461-5433 that is available round the clock. You can call at the number anytime anywhere without any trouble. More than this, you can also learn about our support service by visiting our website, where you will come to know about the way we provide support to the customers.


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