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Terms & Conditions

This page accompanies information and explanation of the terms of use and condition, where the user accepts our services. Formerly using any of our services, make sure to read and agree to all our terms and conditions.  The terms and conditions mentioned here remain integral and the user is bound to follow them and no changes would be made under any condition. In case you do not agree with any of our terms and condition, it is requested to not accept our services. Therefore, before beginning with our services, it is required to agree on all terms and conditions of the website. Proceeding any of the services shows your acceptance of the policy.

Individual Information:

We may ask for your personal data and information to recognize or permits us to contact you. Throughout the duration of the time of registration a user is indulged to give his/her contact data. We will use your contact and information to simply connect with you to deliver the support to the item or the product you are using and asked for help. This integrates re-enrollment/reestablishment warnings, extraordinary offers, and studies on augmenting our administration.


http://www.hptechnicalsupport247.com/  reserve the right to makes changes in the terms and conditions anytime without notifying individually. Nevertheless, we try to give a prior notification and information on our website about the changes that would be made in the future, but there is no condition to do so for every change. The subscription plans and scope of support differ for every support provider; therefore it is completely our responsibility to verify plans and other details before establishing any connection.


We have every right to terminate your aces to content and our services for any reason like a breach of terms and conditions or privacy policy. Other than this any suspicious activity done by you can lead you to termination.

Use of Third party links:

The website includes third-party links which do not come under the effect of our terms and conditions and we do not take any responsibility for their products and services. We do not disturb over their practices and policies. We encourage our users to read the terms and conditions of every external third-party link with our website.


http://www.hptechnicalsupport247.com/ serves as a third party to troubled users. The information given on the website is gathered from different sources. Some of the sources are authentic and some of them are not. We are not liable for any inconsistency in the content from the original information. Before providing any of the information we filter it and compare it with the different source but cannot guarantee you the legitimacy of the content. We only provide information and guidance to users over certain products, services, and related errors. We are liable for the inconvenience triggered while using the information provided in the website’s content.


We are an independent third party service provider of on-demand technical help and not associated with any third party brand unless it is specified. Use of Trademarks, Brands, Products and Images is only for the referential purpose and hereby we disclaim any affiliation or endorsement of or by any such third party. The facility and service we offer is also available on our website. Read More…

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